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Exit Devices

Exit Devices

Also called a Panic Device or a Crash Bar this hardware is operated from the inside of an exit door, allowing you to push through in an emergency.

Automatic Operator

Mechanical hardware that allows a door to be closed in a controlled manner after it has been opened, preventing it from slamming shut.

Commercial Mortise Locks


Choose from a variety of styles and finishes when selecting your lockset hardware.
Push & Pull Plates

Push and Pull Petal

Used on doors that do not latch, choose from a variety of styles and finishes when selecting your push and pull plates.

automatic door operators

Deadbolt Locks

Heavier and thicker than a standard latch, choose from a variety of deadbolt lock options available.


Door hinges come in a variety of finishes and they can be matched with your other hardware.
Kick plates

Kick Plates

Protect the bottom of your new door with a kick plate. Many styles to choose from.
kickdown door stop

KickDown Door Stop

This hardware can be helpful when looking to be able to keep a door propped open. Choose from a variety of styles and colours.
Door stopper

Door Stopper

Protect your walls from the unexpected opening of a door. Choose from a variety of styles and colours.
Weather Stripping

Weatherization Kit

These kits can be used to better insulate your home when cooler weather hits.

Commercial Mortise Locks

Mortise Locksets

Mortise Entry Locksets are designed to suit doors that have been carefully prepared, or “mortised,” to accept a Mortise lock.