Access Control System

Popular for tracking employee attendance or traffic and ideal for providing added levels of security for sensitive documents, these systems can offer state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use features.

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What Is An Access Control System?

This is typically a keyless entry system that provides your home or business with selective physical access, depending on your settings. you total control over your commercial or residential premises by granting physical access to authorized users only. This can be customized to suit your requirements.

Components of The System

These systems operate with an authentication device, which is usually a keypad, scanner or smartphone. Fob keys and access cards can be programmed too. The reader and controller work to unlock the electric lock.

Completely Customizable

Because these systems are so highly sophisticated, you can really tailor it to your needs. These systems can support a two-tier authentication process if suitable, as well as smart cards, biometrics and PIN codes, along with several other options.


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