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Automatic Doors

Make a good first impression to visitors of your business with automatic doors. Enjoy the convenience and ease of these doors, while also enjoying the benefits they offer.

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Comfort, Safety and Hygiene

If you’re working on entryways for a storefront, bank, hospital, or other types of building in the GTA, contact us.

Many Options Available

We offer a variety of options when it comes to your automatic doors. Choose from sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors, telescopic doors, revolving doors and even ICU doors.

Advantages of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors offer more than energy savings. They also accommodate high volume traffic, they maximize on use of space, add brightness to your space and they’re safety and security standards are second to none.

Handicap Accessibility

Handicap door operators typically designed for those who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices, but they can also be utilized by the elderly, parents pushing strollers, or anyone who has too many bags or boxes. It is critical for your business to be accessible in order to meet the needs of all guests, and having reliable commercial handicap door openers will soon be required. 


What started out in 2002 as a small company for commercial and residential doors and hardware has grown into a premium door system company whose focus is primarily on mid to large companies who are looking to improve their security systems and maintain the highest integrity when it comes to equipment, systems and services.

What makes us stand out from the others? It’s simple. We break it down into service, understanding our clients’ needs and our products.